Drug addiction is an international problem. It can affect all people, of all ages and from all walks of life, and no country has been left untouched by its destructive consequences. National authorities collaborate with each other on many levels to prevent the spread of illegal drugs and the abuse of those with valid uses. But the nature of the drug problem and the way that it is dealt with is different in each country.

To aid understanding of drugs on a global level, and to provide a valuable resource for those affected by them, we have created this extensive directory. The World Directory contains a thoroughly researched compendium of knowledge, resources and practical information specific to each country.

We list contact details for some of the major rehabilitation clinics and medical centres in each country, to make finding help with addiction an easier task. To make sense of the many different national organisations and laws relevant to drug use, we also provide up to date details of national narcotics control authorities, enforcement strategies, laws and regulations.

Each entry also contains illuminating facts and statistics relating to specific aspects of drug use, production and addiction within the country. And because the same drug can go by many different names, we’ve included details of the most common names for the most abused drugs in each area. To help you continue your research further, at the end of each document you’ll find a list of useful, locally relevant resources.