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The effects of drugs on health are devastating. Once you are caught up in it, it is difficult to get out of it. But our website dedicated to your physical and mental health gives the maximum of information to help you.

Signs and behaviors that indicate an addiction

The big picture Addiction can be the biggest challenge a person can face. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments that can help him or her break the cycle of addiction, regain health and heal the mind. The exact type of treatment required depends largely on the drug being used, the extent and duration of...

La drogue : source de dépendance et solutionsThe drug is a substance that acts on the nervous system and modifies the way of perceiving things, of feeling emotions and sensations. And above all, it influences the behavior of the person who uses it. It should be noted that this term refers to illicit drugs such as cocaine and cannabis as well as legal drugs such as alcohol and medication. This substance is likely to lead to a state of physical and/or psychological dependence. Its dangerousness depends on its nature, the individuals, the quantity consumed and the way of consuming.

Addiction is the state in which a drug user finds himself when he can no longer do without it. All their thoughts, desires and energy revolve around the search for the substance they are addicted to. This dependence can come on gradually or suddenly. The subject undergoes physical or psychological suffering when he or she is in withdrawal.

Drugs are categorized according to the type of effect they produce. Thus you have :

stimulants that increase sensations and certain functions such as heart rate. Following the stimulation, the subject can undergo opposite sensations of fatigue.
depressants which act on the nervous system by slowing down sensations and certain functions. One can note a decrease in the respiratory function and a state of sleepiness.
Hallucinogens that cause a modification of visual and auditory perceptions. These modifications depend on the context and also on the individual.
Stimulants-hallucinogens that cause stimulation of sensations followed by modification of perceptions.

It is essential to know that there are drugs that are difficult to classify because of the combined effects of several of these categories. By default, they are called "disruptors".

Narcotics refer to psychoactive substances that are prohibited or whose use is controlled. There are cannabis, amphetamines, heroin, cocaine, etc. This term can also refer to drugs that have much stricter prescription rules than other drugs. It is important to be careful when suffering from an illness.

Already, the drug is harmful for the one who consumes it, but it is very bad for the disease. Its intake in an individual suffering from any disease can cause irreversible mental disorders. Those who are already suffering from heart problems, immune system weaknesses usually do not survive its intake. In order to have a chance to recover and lead a more or less normal life, it is essential to know the right reflexes. We propose a section entirely dedicated to diseases, whether they are skin, back, ENT, gastro, etc.. You will find the main causes, manifestations, prevention advice and treatment solutions in our Disease section.

It is strictly forbidden for a pregnant woman to take drugs in any form. The danger concerns both the mother and the baby. The risk of malformation of the fetus is very high or there may be a delay in the growth of the child, a very low birth weight, respiratory difficulties, etc. An entire section is dedicated to pregnancy and the baby on our site. It informs you about all the visible signs in a pregnant woman, gives advice on how to conceive, and offers many guides for buying baby care products. It is an ideal space for future dad/mum.

Taking drugs, especially amphetamines, can reduce appetite and lead to weight loss. However, for overweight people, this is not the best way to get rid of excess weight. Instead, it is important to know the right gestures, the behaviors to have or avoid, how slimming diets work, etc. In a world where obesity causes a lot of suffering, there are hundreds, even thousands of products marketed for weight loss. However, very few of them allow you to reach your goals. That's why we dedicate a category to testing the main slimming products available on the market. You will thus have reliable opinions, advice, tips and traps to avoid.

In sports, taking drugs before a competition could help to overcome obstacles and increase performance. However, in the long term it becomes a gateway to drug addiction. For an amateur or pro athlete, it is rather interesting to train well, to master one's art and then to have the necessary sports equipment. Similarly, if you want to do fitness, you should not go without a precise plan, at the risk of giving up after a few days. We all know that sport is essential for the development of the body. It is therefore normal that this site offers a dedicated space to inform you, guide you, give advice and tips...

For general maintenance, care and aesthetics, a category is dedicated to beauty.

Finally, the success of life and the well-being in everyday life sometimes depend on very simple elements, which we do not give much importance. In order to have a complete platform for your health, we have added 2 sections which are natural health and psychology.

Enjoy your reading and do not hesitate to share your experiences with us.