What are the opinions on the effectiveness of the Nutrafollic product for hair?

Nutrafollic avis : Ce produit Biovancia est-il efficace ?

It is common nowadays to find that many people have problems with their hair. Split ends, hair loss, dandruff and other problems are just some of the many problems that can occur with hair. However, many people think that the only possible solution is to use hair wash gels. This is not the case since hair also needs nutrients to be in top shape. With this in mind, the Biovancia Institute has done extensive research to find a solution to these ailments. What is Nutrafollic? Let’s find out in the lines of this article what could encourage us to buy it.

What is Nutrafollic?

Nutrafollic is one of the many products designed by the Biovancia laboratory. It is a food supplement whose main role is to nourish your hair in order to give it renewed vitality. It is a product that has proven itself on the scalp of all those who had problems.

In fact, Nutrafollic is only composed of elements of vegetable origin. Presented in the form of capsules, it is coated with HPMC which means hydroxypropylmethylcellulose. This is the material most used in the manufacture of most capsules. It is indeed after treatment of wood pulp, vegetable fibers and cellulose that we obtainHPMC. The use of these elements avoids the use of chemicals. We can conclude that this initiative of Biovancia is to be congratulated; it reminds us of another product, spirulina for hair.

Moreover, the Biovancia laboratory is a French institute. It is known for making supplements without chemicals and therefore advocates the benefits of using nature. If you wish to have a product made from plants and natural products, do not hesitate to turn to Biovancia. It is one of the French references in natural health. It is also important to remember that Biovancia products are the result of really rigorous scientific studies. With Biovancia, you are sure to use the best natural products.

What are the 7 ingredients of Nutrafollic?

Several active ingredients are used in the composition of Nutrafollic to ensure its full effectiveness. In reality, it is a mixture of several natural components that each have specific actions on the hair. Among the active ingredients in Nutrafollic are: urtica dioica, zinc, horsetail, OptiMSM, vitamin B8, selenium and vitamin B6.

The urtica dioica

The urtica dioica is a plant belonging to the family of urticaceae. The particularity of this active ingredient is that it is composed of cysteine. Cysteine has the function of making your hair stronger and also helping it to regain its natural beauty. Cysteine is often found in keratin.


Zinc is a compound that is known for the many benefits it has on the human body. It is also very beneficial for the skin and hair. Its presence allows a rapid synthesis of keratin and collagen. The presence of this natural ingredient in the Nutrafollic product is therefore very advantageous, unlike some natural substances such as turmeric which would have been dangerous.


Quels sont les 7 ingrédients de Nutrafollic ?

Horsetail, also known as field horsetail, has many virtues for humans. For your fragile and brittle hair, it is the ideal element. Horsetail will allow your hair to be much more radiant, but also to regain its elasticity thanks to the silica it contains.


It is one of the first choice ingredients used in the manufacture of Nutrafollic. OptiMSM is very rich in sulfur and is recognized as the best and purest on the market. With this component present in Nutrafollic dietary supplement, your body will be able to produce much more sulfur amino acids. These active ingredients are in turn very important for keratin.

Vitamin B8

Not to say vitamin B8, we are talking about biotin. Biotin is known to ensure the proper functioning of the body. It should also be noted that vitamin B8 acts in synergy with vitamin B5. It stimulates the multiplication of hair cells while fighting against hair loss.


Antioxidants are known to intervene at several levels of the body, hence their importance. Selenium being an antioxidant, it ensures the good growth of your hair and also of your nails.

Vitamin B6

As regards the synthesis of cystine, vitamin B6 plays a really important role: its main action is to increase the benefits of the multiple vitamins contained in the Nutrafollic food supplement. As action of the vitamin B6, we have :

  • The reinforcement of the hair;
  • The boosting of the virtues of the other components;
  • The consolidation of the Keratin;
  • The strengthening of the structure of your hair.

With all the benefits that vitamin B6 confers to Nutrafollic, we can realize that its presence is not in vain in the Nutrafollic food supplement. The Nutrafollic product can only be effective.

What are the benefits of Nutrafollic on the scalp?

In view of all the components that Nutrafollic food supplement is full of, it is obvious that its actions on the body will be notable. As advantages of Nutrafollic, we have :

  • A much denser hair;
  • A much thicker hair fiber;
  • A longer life cycle for your hair;
  • A boost in the production of your hair;
  • A reduction of the oxidative stress which acts negatively on your hair.

Regarding the above mentioned virtues, many clinical experiments have been done to find out if the product would be effective for hair health. The tests were successful, so don’t hesitate to buy Nutrafollic to enjoy the many benefits it offers to your hair.

Why use this food supplement for your hair?

In order to allow everyone to have beautiful and thick hair, scientists have been working on research that could solve the problem. The result of these multiple researches is the complementarities.


The main active ingredient in the composition of food supplements for hair care is keratin. It is important to note that keratin is present in all hair, and this at a percentage of 95.

Keratin is actually a protein that is made of several amino acids, it is fibrous and then hard. It is obtained from the dead cells present in the hair. Its role is to protect the hair against external dangers such as sea water, UV and other external problems.

The presence of keratin promotes the hydration of your hair. This is possible due to its water storage and retention property. It also protects the scales of the hair, which allows it to shine. Also, for your hair to be well hydrated and healthy, keratin is an essential element.

However, it should be noted that this component does not have the ability to regenerate itself. In other words, as your hair’s lifespan shortens, the keratin is also depleted. However, keratin is not the only element that hair is made of.

Other Nutrients

Aside from keratin, which plays an essential role in hair health, other nutrients are also involved. Among these are :

  • B vitamins;
  • Beta-carotene;
  • Iron;
  • Proteins;
  • Zinc.

If you care about your hair, then it would be excellent if you eat foods that contain these nutrients. Hair is also composed of water, fatty acids and melanin. To have elastic hair, the use of good quality lipids is required. It is also necessary to opt for the use of antioxidants, proteins and vitamin E. All these elements prevent the premature aging of hair. The food supplements intervene to remedy the deficiencies presented by your hair and to give them back their shine, brightness and flexibility.

What is the dosage of Nutrafollic for hair growth?

Quelle est la posologie de Nutrafollic pour la croissance des cheveux ?

In order to benefit from all the advantages of the Nutrafollic food supplement, it is important to respect the prescribed doses. This way, you will be sure to obtain better results and avoid possible complications or side effects.

As far as taking Nutrafollic is concerned, the dosage recommends taking it 3 times a day. You should therefore take one tablet in the morning, another at noon and then a third in the evening. It is advised to take the capsules with a large glass of water to facilitate its ingestion.

Where to buy Nutrafollic from Biovancia France?

We all have the reflex to go to a pharmacy to get certain products. Others prefer to consult sites such as Amazon, Alibaba and others, because of their notoriety.

As far as the Biovancia Institute products are concerned, their distribution to the trade has not yet begun. In fact, the Biovancia laboratory avoids any risk of counterfeiting that would tarnish their image. For this reason, the brand itself takes care of the sale and delivery of all the products it manufactures, through their official website.

This rule is also valid for the Nutrafollic product, which can only be purchased under prescription. If you wish to purchase Nutrafollic, you must go to the official website of the Biovancia laboratory. Once on the site, you will have all the details on how to place your order and receive your product. Rest assured, the delivery of the product does not take more than 24 hours if you live in France. It may take a few days longer if you live further away from their headquarters, about two weeks.

Nutrafollic is sold at 69 euros per box. You can take out a 3-month or 6-month subscription which costs 138 and 198 euros respectively. With the first subscription, you get 3 boxes and 6 boxes for the second subscription.

What are the opinions of the medical profession regarding the effectiveness of Nutrafollic and its quality?

Doctors test all products and follow their evolution before taking a position. Concerning the Nutrafollic food supplement, they are of the opinion that customers should adopt it. However, they require everyone to respect the dosage and not to exceed the prescribed doses.

The medical profession stresses that users should be aware that the effects start to be noticed after 3 months of regular use. It then takes the customers not to interrupt the treatment under the pretext of not having immediate results, more especially as the results can vary from one body to another.

What are the opinions left by consumers?

As far as user reviews are concerned, they say that the product is really effective. Many say that they have seen results even before the end of the treatment. Specialists also agree that this product has given satisfactory results without side effects.

It should be noted, however, that adherence to the dosage is very important for the health of the patient. One should not increase the number of capsules per day under the pretext of wanting an immediate result. This is a very important point that the brand of the supplement emphasizes.

Moreover, no side effects have been reported by Nutrafollic users. We can say that the product is really reliable. But the most sensitive point is that all the users made sure to follow the prescriptions on the number of capsules to be consumed in a day. Do not hesitate to order your Nutrafollic supplement for the well-being of your hair.

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