What is the opinion on the Biovancia Nutramag B6 food supplement?

Nutramag B6 Biovancia avis, composition et posologie

Staying healthy means making sure your body receives all the nutrients it needs to function properly. Each nutrient has an action on one or more parts of the human body. This is the case of magnesium, which is involved in both bone structure and oral health. Also, when the diet is unbalanced, as is the case for many individuals, the whole body suffers. The Biovancia laboratory proposes a solution: to use a dietary supplement of its composition to provide your body with a magnesium supplement. This food supplement is Nutramag B6. Here are detailed in this article, the ingredients composing this product, the effects of Nutramag on the body, the cases of contraindications and the opinions of the consumers.

Presentation of Nutramag B6

The giant Biovancia, a French label whose specialty is the elaboration of quality food supplements, has become known throughout France thanks to the quality of its products. These are indeed the perfect combination of scientific research and natural ingredients. In the general well-being category, Nutramag B6 is no exception.

With an entirely natural composition and a form that facilitates its ingestion by the body, Nutramag B6 is a supplement or dietary supplement that has been designed in strict compliance with safety and quality standards in force. This supplement aims to fill the body’s magnesium deficit while optimizing the general functioning of the body.

Nutramag B6 is registered with the DGCCRF and its conception has involved actors such as independent scientists, nutritionist experts, pharmaceutical laboratories, and of course, the experts of the Biovancia Institute. Presented in the form of capsules to facilitate its ingestion by the body, this product is composed of 100% natural active ingredients including mainly magnesium and vitamin B6.

Which are the credits composing Nutramag B6?

Each of the components of Nutramag B6 has notable properties that should be presented, because of their role in the effectiveness of the product.


Magnesium is a substance already naturally present in the body (teeth, bones, muscles, liver, etc.). Known for its important action on the body functions, magnesium is an essential mineral for the nervous transmission. In addition, consuming magnesium helps prevent heart and blood pressure problems.

Although it is present in a wide range of foods, figures show that approximately 80% of people suffer from a magnesium deficit. Thus, the magnesium bisglycinate integrated in the Nutramag B6 supplement has the role of considerably reducing anxiety and relieving headaches. It also significantly improves the quality of sleep and fights against stress and chronic fatigue. Its presence in the Nutramag B6 food supplement is therefore totally justified.

Vitamin B6

To begin with, it should be noted that this vitamin was consciously chosen because of its ability to facilitate the absorption by the body of magnesium. In addition, vitamin B6 is known for its beneficial effect on brain function, fatigue and stress. In addition, vitamin B6 regulates hormonal activity, but also the blood sugar level in the body. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory virtues, it allows to soothe the inflammations of the joints and watches over the metabolism of the amino acids.

What are the advantages of the product Nutramag B6?

The combination of these two powerful natural active ingredients gives Nutramag B6 all its effectiveness. In fact, this food supplement is successful with consumers because of its virtues for the body.

The regulation of sleep

Quels sont les avantages et vertus du produit Nutramag B6 ?

While regulating blood pressure, Nutramag B6 has a relaxing effect on the nerves and thus on the body in general. By ricochet the active ingredients released in the organization make it possible to the user to be able to benefit from a repairing and qualitative sleep. It fights against insomnia and gives the consumer a boost of energy and productivity.

Balance of the nervous system

The nervous system is closely linked to the other systems. In other words, as soon as it is affected or out of balance, all the other systems (respiratory and cardiovascular) are influenced. By promoting the production of serotonin, Nutramag B6 helps to fight against stress. Moreover, this supplement fights against fatigue, migraines, headaches and helps to maintain the balance of the nervous system.

Strengthening of bones and teeth

A magnesium treatment has a significant influence on the bone structure. It not only strengthens bones, but also contributes to good dental health by fighting against the weakening of enamel. It also prevents the loosening of teeth.

Regulation of the cardiac system

The blood pressure and the cardiac rhythm are, as mentioned above, beneficiaries of the positive action of Nutramag B6. In fact, a magnesium cure regulates these two parameters, which helps to keep the body in good health and avoid palpitations, cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure problems.

Positive effects for athletes

The product Nutramag B6 is important in the regulation of the sleep of the sportsmen. A qualitative sleep is indeed essential for an athlete. In addition, this supplement helps recovery, as well as the maintenance of heart health, which are assets in sports. A cure of magnesium is thus welcome in the diet of a sportsman to enable him to optimize his performances and to have a good physical condition.

What is the dosage of the Nutramag B6 food supplement?

Before starting a treatment, contact your doctor to be sure that you are not in a situation where the supplement is not recommended. During the treatment, if you miss a dose, avoid taking several at a time to catch up.

This supplement is coated in the form of capsules, at a rate of one capsule per day. To facilitate the ingestion of the supplement, it is preferable to take it during a meal, with a glass of water. It is formally advised not to exceed the daily dose prescribed and indicated on the box. You can take the supplement in the morning or in the evening, depending on your availability.

Who is Nutramag B6 intended for?

All people with a magnesium deficiency can use Nutramag B6. Better still, for preventive purposes, you can use Nutramag B6 to preserve your health by providing your body with magnesium.

Used to fight against stress and fatigue, all people in need can use it. Similarly, to all those who frequently suffer from headaches, migraines, mood swings and insomnia, this product could be of appreciable help.

Contraindications of Nutramag B6

As with most medicinal products, pregnant and breast-feeding women are concerned by the cases of contra-indications. They should not use Nutramag B6 unless they have consulted a health professional before taking it.

The giant Biovancia specifies on its page that the product is not intended to treat or prevent diseases. Also, unless prescribed by a physician, children under 12 years of age, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and people undergoing treatment should not use nutritional supplements.

Does it have any side effects?

Nutramag B6 dietary supplement does not contain any chemical ingredients. Therefore, it does not present any danger for the user. The hygiene during its manufacture as well as the safety and quality standards have been respected, so there are no concerns regarding these criteria.

However, in some cases, allergic reactions may occur. Subjects may experience swelling, breathing problems, itching, etc. In this case, it is imperative to stop the treatment and stop taking the supplement immediately. Then, consult a doctor without delay.

This is why you should consult your doctor before starting the treatment. If you have any allergies or are not suitable to take this supplement, he will tell you. Also, if you are already on a treatment, the doctor will tell you if you can start a magnesium treatment. This ensures that there will be no interaction between medications, which could lead to other health problems.

Is Nutramag B6 available in pharmacies?

Nutramag B6 est-il disponible en pharmacie ?

Like Artimium 360, Nutrilim 24, Memo-360 and other Biovancia Institute products, Nutramag B6 is not available in pharmacies. In fact, in order to avoid counterfeits, scams and to be able to follow the needs of consumers more closely, Biovancia only offers its products on its official website. Also, to get the supplement, you will have to place an order online, directly on the manufacturer’s website. This will allow you to ensure the reliability of the products, but also to take advantage of offers and purchase packs.

Is the ordering site reliable?

Many customers prefer to know, before paying online, if the site they want to order from is secure. The Biovancia website is encrypted with the latest security protocol, TLS, and is therefore safe from various attacks. The information is encrypted from end to end, whether you choose the card option or the bank transfer option. You can therefore buy your products on the site without fear.

What about the delivery time of the supplement by Biovancia?

The delivery of your Nutramag B6 boxes is made 48 hours after ordering for those who live in France. However, for those who live overseas, the delivery time can be up to 15 days after ordering.

At what price is Nutramag B6 sold?

Depending on your preferences or budget, you can choose one of the treatment offers. Indeed:

  • A treatment over a period of 6 months will cost you 72 euros, with 6 boxes of the supplement ;
  • A 12 month treatment with 12 boxes of the supplement will cost you 120 euros instead of 144.

As you will have noticed, the price of this food supplement is a little higher than that of the others. However, as it is a product whose effectiveness and quality are no longer debatable, this purchase is worth it. In addition, you can save some money by buying the 12-pack instead of the 6-pack, and a money back guarantee offered by Biovancia allows you to return the product if you are not satisfied and get your money back.

What are the opinions on the Nutramag B6 nutritional supplement

The verdict on the Biovancia Nutramag B6 product is the same in almost every review. The opinions of the consumers are in line with the opinions of the nutrition experts.

The users’ opinions

The reviews left on survey sites and health blogs are unanimous and praise the effectiveness of the supplement. Its speed of action and its benefits have convinced many users, who in turn recommend it. The reviews on the official Biovancia website are in the same vein, and denote the restorative action of the supplement on their sleep, muscles and overall health.

The opinions of health professionals

Quels sont les avis sur le supplément nutritionnel Nutramag B6

The carefully chosen natural ingredients have been tested and selected for their therapeutic action. Health professionals, convinced by this aspect, recommend the product to their patients, and recognize the fact that in addition to a medical treatment, it could greatly contribute to the maintenance of the body.

In short, many medicinal products and supplements are composed of chemical ingredients. The natural ingredients of Nutramag B6 are therefore the first asset of this nutritional supplement. In addition, its effectiveness confirmed by users proves that it effectively fights against the disorders of the body due to magnesium deficiency. Finally, the quality-price ratio remains quite affordable for a product of this calibre and entirely natural. Therefore, we can recommend it to those who have a magnesium deficiency.

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