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Symbioflore 50 avis : que vaut cette formule de Biovancia ?

To keep the body functioning properly, a healthy diet is highly recommended. This has a strong impact on the balance of the intestinal flora and consequently on the well-being of each individual. A healthy diet is the ultimate remedy for many chronic diseases such as overweight and indigestion. However, there are people who do not take care of their food intake and expose themselves to high risks of digestive disorders. It is precisely to relieve these people that the French institute Biovancia has developed its Symbioflore 50 capsules. What do people think about the effectiveness of this supplement on intestinal comfort?

Who is Biovancia, the manufacturer of the Symbioflore 50 supplement?

Biovancia is a company based in France whose vision is to participate in the improvement of health and well-being through qualitative and accessible products. This company is specialized and evolves brilliantly in the field of nutrition where it develops and sells the best food supplements on the market. The articles conceived in the laboratories of the institute are in majority intended for the loss of weight. But they also help relieve insomnia, joint pain, stress, erectile dysfunction and urinary tract problems.

What makes the various ranges of products manufactured and distributed by Biovancia in France so special is their predominantly natural composition. The Biovancia products are indeed composed of minerals, plants, certified active ingredients and natural vitamins. The advantages of all these ingredients have been thoroughly examined by renowned scientists.

What should I know about Symbioflore 50?

When we talk about intestinal microbiota, we are in fact talking about several billion bacteria that colonize the walls of the intestine. The role of these living micro-organisms is to ensure that the digestive tract functions properly. Their presence in the intestines is therefore essential for proper digestion of ingested food. When the intestinal flora is out of balance, intestinal comfort is jeopardized. To restore the lost balance quickly and naturally, the food supplement Symbioflore 50 is a very effective remedy.

Symbioflore 50 is a product developed by the Biovancia laboratory which is very present on the market of food supplements in France. It is mainly used to revitalize the intestinal flora thanks to the natural ingredients and the 50 billion lactic ferments which compose it. This food supplement is also useful for facilitating the digestion of certain substances, including carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This is made possible by the specific digestive enzymes that make up the product. Clearly, Symbioflore 50 is a drug to have on hand if you want to regain digestive comfort and boost your well-being.

What are the components of the Symbioflore 50 supplement?

Les éléments constitutifs du supplément Symbioflore 50

For the elaboration of the food supplement Symbioflore 50, the Biovencia laboratory used mainly 11 natural ingredients. These have been carefully selected to promote well-being in general and that of the intestinal flora and the immune system in particular.

Distilled water

This is a liquid in which all mineral residues, uncharged molecules (viruses, bacteria, etc.) and organic contaminants are completely absent. This liquid therefore contains a high concentration of CO2, O2 and other dissolved gases as well as H20 molecules. As a reminder, some people traditionally use this substance to refresh the microbiota, fight arthritis and skin aging.

Food salt (sodium chloride)

Represented in chemistry by the formula NaCl, food salt or sodium chloride is one of the elements used in the manufacturing of Symbioflore 50. In the medical field, this ingredient is generally used in the form of an infusion solution to treat some pathologies. Its integration in the supplement allows the latter toimprove the functioning of the intestinal muscles.

Sodium carbonate decahydrate (Na2CO3 – 10H2O)

This is a natural food additive that is used quite often in modern chemistry for various reasons. This chemical compound does not normally have negative effects on human health. Its presence in the Symbioflore 50 nutritional supplement is justified by its performance in the regulation of food pH and its anti-caking property.


This substance is present in large quantities in dairy products such as :

  • Cow’s milk;
  • Sheep’s milk;
  • And human breast milk.

This carbohydrate has probiotic properties that are of great benefit to the intestines. In the nutritional supplement Symbioflore 50, it contributes to the proliferation of microbacteria that play an important role in the proper functioning of the digestive tract. In addition, this Biovancia supplement provides energy and constitutes a substrate for certain molecules.

Anhydrous Epsom salt

Having the chemical formula MgSO₄, the anhydrous salt of Epsom or magnesium sulfate has very powerful laxative properties. It also has properties of stabilizing reverse emulsions. It is used in Symbioflore 50 for the relief of the digestive discomfort and the boosting of the digestion of food. This in turn helps to fight against obesity and overweight.

Magnesium salt

Better known as magnesium chloride and with the chemical formula MgCl₂, magnesium salt is a natural substance found in food salt and sea water, among other things. This ingredient is found in the body naturally. It plays several roles in Biovancia’s Symbioflore 50 supplement:

  • Treats fatigue and stress;
  • Treats acne;
  • Treats skin conditions;
  • Reduces cramps and other muscular concerns.

For the proper functioning of the body, this product also plays an important role in strengthening the lymphatic system.


Still known under the name “L-cystine”, cystine is an organic polymer compound obtained thanks to the association of two cysteines. These amino acids are also found in many other proteins. With the chemical formula C6H12N2O4S2, L-cystine is used in the composition of a large number of drugs designed to improve the performance of the digestive system.

KCl or potassium chloride

It is almost impossible to do without this ingredient when it comes to nutrition. Similar to sylvine which is a soft mineral, this neutral salt has very interesting properties in the management of hydroelectrolytic disorders. Its main function in Biovancia’s Symbioflore supplement is the revitalization of muscle cells.

Calcium salt or CaCl2

Better known as calcium chloride, CaCl2 is a salt whose presence in the body is very important. This inorganic compound is known in the food industry mainly for its exothermic properties. When properly used, it quickly fills the calcium deficit while helping to treat neuromuscular problems related to this deficit.

Lactic ferments

This is a category of probiotics naturally present in the human body, but which can also be provided by the ingestion of certain foods. These micro-organisms present in dairy products as well as lactobacillus help regulate intestinal transit. The lactic ferments are precisely integrated into Symbioflore 50 capsules for this reason.

The patented Zymate complex

It is a combination of 5 enzymes which is also used in the manufacture of this Biovancia Symbioflore in order to facilitate the process of digestion of food. The 5 digestive enzymes concerned are :

  • Lactase ;
  • The amylase ;
  • The protease ;
  • Lipase;
  • And cellulase.

The latter have specific properties that are very useful for improving digestion. For example, the breakdown of carbohydrates during digestion is facilitated by amylase while cellulase is responsible for the breakdown of vegetable fibers. Lactase, lipase and protease are responsible for the breakdown of lactose, fats and proteins respectively. The combined action of these constituent enzymes of Symbioflore 50 on the nutrients results in an easier absorption of these as well as a good digestion.

What are the dosage and instructions for use of the Symbioflore 50 supplement?

The French laboratory Biovancia is clear on the directions for use of Symbioflore 50. 30 capsules should be used for a 30 day treatment. This means that the daily dose is one capsule. This one must be taken with a big glass of water (at least 25 cl) a few minutes before eating.

According to the opinions of many patients, the food supplement brings a great relief only after the first month of treatment. However, the manufacturer recommends a cure of more than 30 days in order to obtain a truly lasting result. It is to encourage treatments of more than one month that the company offers discounts on 3 boxes purchased.

It should also be noted that all categories of people can use the product intermittently. There are no restrictions for children over 12 years old or adults. Even pregnant women and nursing mothers are able to take this dietary supplement without risk unlike many other items available on the market. If you suffer from digestive disorders (diarrhea, indigestion, constipation, etc.) during pregnancy, you can consume biovancia symbioflore without fear. Even vegans and vegetarians can use this supplement since it is made of natural elements.

In which situations can we use this Biovancia solution?

Symbioflore 50 a-t-il des effets indésirables sur la santé ?

The reputation of the French laboratory on the international level is no longer to be demonstrated today. This popularity is mainly due to the effectiveness of the various food supplements that it manufactures. This effectiveness itself is the result of the combined action of the various natural elements that make up the product.

In view of all its constituents and the opinions of those who have already experienced it, Symbioflore 50 has the power to maintain the microbiota in a perfect state of health. Used for the relief of several ailments, this nutritional supplement participates in the regulation of intestinal transit, the improvement of digestion, the reduction of diarrhea, the fight against infections and the strengthening of the immune system.

Does Symbioflore 50 have any adverse health effects?

Since the product was released by the Institute, no patient has yet complained of any discomfort or adverse effects after its consumption. This is understandable, as the supplement was developed from natural substances that individually do not pose any risk to human health. None of these substances are harmful to the body and do not cause any side effects.

On the contrary, it is the probiotics in Symbioflore 50 that boost the lymphatic system by strengthening the body’s defense against microbes. This does not mean that allergies are excluded. After ingestion of the capsules, some patients may indeed have allergic reactions to one of the components of the slimming solution. To avoid such situations, it is recommended to take theadvice of a doctor before starting a cure of Symbioflore 50.

How can I buy this drug from the French giant?

Like other nutritional supplements developed by the French giant to fight against overweight, Symbioflore 50 is not distributed by pharmacies. The product is only sold by Biovancia on its official online platform since it holds a very strict safety guarantee. This means that your purchase must be made online. The prices charged per box vary according to the duration of the treatment, i.e. the number of boxes of 30 capsules you wish to purchase. This is a marketing strategy that works very well.

For the purchase of a single box of supplement for example, you will have to pay 69 euros. For a 3 month cure, that is to say 3 boxes purchased, the unit costs 46 euros and for a 6 month cure the unit price of the box is fixed at 33 euros. Apart from the cost of your purchase, you will not have to pay any additional fees, even for the delivery which is done 24 hours after the validation of the operation. In addition, Biovancia has a return policy for the products purchased in case the customer is not satisfied with them after use.

Effectiveness of Symbioflore supplement: the opinions of doctors and users

In France, the French Medical Association generally gives a positive opinion on all the products from Biovancia’s laboratories. Symbioflore 50 is no exception as many health professionals agree on the performance of the product. Due to its high concentration of lactic ferments, this food supplement is recommended by doctors for the treatment of digestive disorders. It is more precisely prescribed to patients suffering from gastro duodenal ulcer, gastro enteritis, diarrhea or IBD. Pregnant women are also encouraged to take a course of this supplement in order to boost their body’s protection.

On the users’ side, opinions do not differ. Numerous surveys on a multitude of online platforms have ensured that Symbioflore 50 is effective. Those who have already experienced it testify that they were completely satisfied within the first few weeks of the treatment.

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