Red stretch marks: natural, chemical and technological treatments to eliminate them

Vergeture rouge et gonflé : Comment la soigner ?

During adolescence, pregnancy or at least during a diet, various hormones are secreted in order to maintain the normal functioning of the different organs. As a result, the different muscles of the body stretch rapidly and result in a disorganization of the texture of certain areas of the skin. This leads to the appearance of stretch marks. It is urgent to find effective solutions to effectively treat these stretch marks which can be red and swollen. Focus!

How to treat red stretch marks naturally ?

To treat stretch marks that are still in the inflammatory phase, i.e. still red and purplish, you can use natural and organic treatments. These allow the skin to regain its elasticity by ensuring good hydration and strengthening the hydrolipidic film of the skin. Among these natural care against red stretch marks, we can quote:

  • Coconut oil and almond oil
  • Shea butter and aloe vera gel
  • Rose hip oil;
  • Aloe vera gel;
  • Calendula oil;
  • White sugar;
  • Horsetail, etc.

However, in addition to these natural skin care products, you can find hyper-natural skin care products from competent professionals such as beaujour, to treat red stretch marks that have taken over your skin. As a bonus, you can also use bicarbonate which naturally cures fungus. The method of use is to mix the bicarbonate with coconut oil. The resulting paste is applied once a week and helps to remove dead skin cells and consequently, the scar caused by a stretch mark.

How to treat red stretch marks? Cosmetic surgery

Comment traiter les vergetures rouges ? La chirurgie esthétique

In addition to the natural solutions proposed to attenuate, heal or treat the presence of the red or purplish stretch mark, you can also resort to a more advanced treatment thanks to cosmetic surgery. Several techniques are proposed to mitigate the impact of rapid weight gain or rapid weight loss on the elasticity of the skin. These include:


Often used in anti-wrinkle treatments, microdermabrasion is a treatment that consists of removing dead skin cells. Its use in the treatment of stretch marks allows for the reduction of white stretch mark scars and the treatment of red or purplish stretch marks.


Laser treatments in cosmetic surgery are also effective in treating stretch marks that appear in several places on the body. There are several types of lasers depending on the texture of the skin and the size of the stretch mark. These are :

  • Afractional ablative laser to treat the scar of an old stretch mark on thick skin;
  • A non-ablative laser that helps the skin without damaging it to produce new collagen molecules and new elastic fibers;
  • And finally the vascular laser which is used for inflammatory, young and red stretch marks.

Other cosmetic surgery treatments include: peeling, micro-needling, plasma injection, LED lamp, etc. Each of them has the role of attenuating or curing the red stretch mark as well as the scar resulting from an old stretch mark. They allow to give the skin a new youth.

How to treat or reduce a red stretch mark? Get in touch with a dermatologist

As a skin health specialist, a dermatologist is well suited to help you treat a red stretch mark. Thanks to his or her expertise in skin care, the dermatologist will be able to recommend beauty products or treatments to reduce the presence of stretch marks.

For example, the dermatologist can recommend a cream or balm to treat the symptoms of calcium deficiency, because calcium deficiency is one of the causes of the appearance of stretch marks. Indeed, hypocalcemia is responsible for the drying out and loss of elasticity of the skin, which can lead to the appearance of stretch marks. Do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist or an online professional platform such as Beaujour to find out how to treat your stretch marks.

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