What are the opinions on the Oro Activ supplement?

Oro Activ avis, efficacité, composition et prix

Oral comfort is an important factor of physical well-being. Poor oral health can be uncomfortable for the person concerned as well as for their family and friends. Many solutions are available on the market to help those who are confronted with such problems. Among these, we find Oro Activ, one of the products of the Biovancia brand. What is the Oro Activ food supplement made of? How does it work? Where and how much to buy it? What are the general opinions about it? Find out the answers to all these concerns here.

What is Oro Activ?

Oro Activ is an oral hygiene product developed and marketed by Biovancia. It is a nutritional supplement that comes from the combination of many natural ingredients carefully selected and approved as dental protectors. They also contribute to the prevention of diseases associated with the teeth.

Oro Activ is therefore a trusted nutritional formula whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven by several clinical trials. The laboratories of the French institute Biovancia are recognized for developing entirely natural products that benefit the well-being of their clients.

This product is an effective way to eliminate bacteria and microbes that have a destructive effect on teeth. It comes in a bottle in the form of an orogranule.

The effectiveness of this supplement is due to its high concentration of nutrients and the presence of many active ingredients that make it an ideal product.

What are the ingredients of the Oro Activ food formula?

De quoi est fait le supplément alimentaire Oro Activ ?

The Biovancia Institute is quite well known for the attention it pays to the type and quality of the elements that go into the design of their products. It is even a key factor in their success, as the carefully chosen components are a guarantee of performance and safety. The composition of Oro-Activ proves it indeed since it contains purely natural active ingredients such as :

  • lemon essential oil;
  • beta Meditril;
  • essential oil of spearmint;
  • maltitol.

Beta Meditril

This patented nutritional ingredient is derived from certain natural nutrients. Beta Meditril is derived from a mixture of extracts of different plants such as grape seeds, rockweed, tomato. Olive tree, procyanidic oligomer and sea lettuce are also included. It restores the cells of the mouth and facilitates their regeneration. It acts directly on them by ensuring their maintenance.

Lemon essential oil

Lemons are citrus fruits known for their acidity and their usefulness in the kitchen. It is also used in various sectors such as beauty and health.

Lemonessential oil is ideal for air purification. It strengthens the body and provides energy. It is also known to energize the body, promote weight loss and cure cases of nausea.

Oro Activ uses this oil to freshen the breath. It promotes teeth whitening and eliminates microbes that settle between the teeth after eating.

Mint essential oil

Essential oils are liquid extracts obtained by distilling water from plants. They are used in many circumstances such as flavoring. However, some essential oil scents have benefits for the body.

This is the case with the essential oil of crepe mint, which is a mint flavored oil. This oil is characterized by its direct action on the teeth. In fact, spearmint essential oil has healing properties. It also serves to strengthen the teeth by removing infectious agents in the mouth.


Maltitol is a calorie-free sweetener derived from wheat or corn starch and is frequently used as a substitute for sugar. However, it has other properties that allow it to be among the components of the Oro Activ of the Biovancia Institute.

The intervention of the maltitol in the supplement is essential since it allows to protect the teeth. It helps to fight against the demineralization of the teeth, strengthens the dental composition and prevents the dental caries which can be one of the symptoms of an excess of cigarette.

Maltitol is obtained by the process of hydrogenation of maltose and is presented as a white powder.

What is the dosage of consumption to be respected for this food supplement?

To take the oral care product, put and let dissolve 1 orogranule in your mouth after meals, twice a day. The box of Oro Activ contains 60 orogranules. If you respect the indicated dosage, the treatment must be done during 30 days.

In order to have effective results, it is recommended to practice good dental hygiene during the treatment. If you are not satisfied at the end of the treatment, you have a money back guarantee.

An excellent use of the supplement and the respect of the indicated dosage allow you to benefit from its numerous advantages. First of all, it ensures oral cleanliness since it is developed with a number of approaches that aim to improve the oral health of the consumer.

This Biovancia product strengthens the dental shine and gives the mouth a good smell. It is an ideal solution for people with stained teeth, bad breath and gums in poor condition. It allows you to regain your best smile and self-confidence.

Oro Activ helps to eliminate alkaline saliva and get rid of bad bacteria. It also makes use of its high composition of antioxidants, minerals, fatty acids and vitamins to improve dental health.

In addition, this solution that treats dental problems helps to reduce the pain felt at the gum level and to fight the elements harmful to the teeth. It facilitates cell regeneration in the mouth and fights against bacterial attacks.

It should be noted that Oro-Activ is not a substitute for the usual oral hygiene routine, which consists of cleaning the teeth after every meal. The quarterly visit to the dentist is also part of these care habits.

Who is eligible to consume Oro Activ?

Biovancia’s nutritional supplement has no side effects on the user’s body. The appearance of side effects is generally due to the non-observance of the contra-indications of the product. The use of Oro Activ is firstly forbidden to pregnant and breastfeeding women since the baby’s organism is not able to assimilate the active ingredients of the supplement.

People who are allergic to the components of the product should avoid taking it as they may experience vomiting, pimples, nausea, tingling of the skin, etc. Before using the supplement, it is therefore advisable to read the instructions carefully. Also, people who are undergoing treatment should refrain from taking it.

Furthermore, like many dietary supplements, Oro Activ is not recommended for children under the age of twelve (12 years). This is due to the super concentrated composition of the solution. In case of doubt about suitability, do not hesitate to ask a health professional for advice.

Is this food supplement available in pharmacies?

Qui sont les personnes aptes à consommer l’Oro Activ ?

Like all other nutritional supplements designed and marketed by Biovancia, Oro Activ is not sold in pharmacies and parapharmacies. The same is true for online or physical stores.

The reasons

Oro Activ is not available in traditional retail outlets, let alone in pharmacies, because the product’s designers have established a long-standing sales policy. This is to ensure total control over the distribution of the product to the consumer.

With this approach, the manufacturers ensure the quality and originality of the supplements sold to customers. The exclusive sale also allows them to fight effectively against the spread of counterfeit products. A scourge that can occur if several people are involved in the distribution process.

Such a measure also allows Biovancia to have control over the price of the product. The involvement of intermediaries such as a pharmacy or other sales outlet will tend to act on the cost of sale of the solution. Indeed, by purchasing the product from the manufacturer, the sellers try to maximize their revenues with consequent profit margins. This is quickly reflected in the prices offered to consumers.

Such a situation can be detrimental to the image that the manufacturer is trying to have. It is for these reasons that the manufacturer is firmly committed to not selling its supplements in pharmacies or other types of sales outlets.

The official place of sale

The only and unique channel of acquisition of the supplement Oro Activ is the official website of the brand. To buy and receive your product, you just have to follow a few steps and fill in some important information. Firstly, you have to choose from the subscription offers proposed by the manufacturer.

Once the selection is made, you will need to provide some information on the site. This information is used to ensure delivery to the address you have chosen. This includes the phone number, name, first name, home address, email address, city, country, etc. The said delivery is usually made within 48 hours after purchase.

Once you have completed this step, you will just have to fill in the payment information to finalize the purchase of the Oro Activ.

How much can I get the product for?

The Biovancia Institute also offers different subscription packages that allow you to purchase boxes of the supplement at very affordable costs. There are three main offers: the discovery offer, the bargain offer and the best offer. These different subscription plans allow you to acquire this treatment solution with a discount of up to three hundred and ninety-six euros (396 euros).

Thediscovery offer is priced at 69 euros instead of 99 euros. It is valid for a 1 month treatment with a single box of Oro Activ. This pack allows you to save 30 euros and is ideal for all those who are new to Biovancia products.

The “good deal” subscription plan offers users three months of treatment with a pack of three boxes (03 boxes) of Oro Activ for 138 euros instead of 297 euros. This offer allows for savings of almost 159 euros.

The best offer proposed by Biovancia is suitable for a six month treatment with a six box pack at an affordable cost of 198 euros. With this package, it is possible to save 396 euros.

Oro Activ: What are the opinions of specialists and users on its effectiveness on the gums and teeth?

The product Oro Activ has proven to be very effective because of its efficiency in relieving the problems associated with teeth. It has been the talk of the town and has aroused the interest of consumers and health specialists.

The opinion of the users

Users recognize the effectiveness of Oro Activ and attest to the quality of the supplement developed by the brand. Many consumers feel the effects of the nutritional supplement after one month of use. Some of them claim to have felt or noticed the benefits of the product after the first week of consumption.

Consumers are also very satisfied with the service, with the advantageous offers, the short delivery time and the guarantee offered. The general opinion on Oro Activ is therefore quite positive. Several users do not hesitate to extend their treatments.

The opinion of the doctors

The active ingredients used to manufacture Oro-Activ come from natural plants whose virtues have been confirmed by qualified scientists. Dentists and orthodontic specialists therefore recommend it to all those suffering from dental pain and any other problem related to the teeth. The neutral aspect (no side effects) has also allowed doctors to confirm the effectiveness of the product.

In conclusion, it should be remembered that Oro Activ is a product made from natural elements to strengthen teeth and ensure good oral health. It is available on the official website of Biovancia at an affordable price which is reduced according to the number of boxes purchased. It is also quite popular among both consumers and doctors. The reviews left in favor of this supplement are mostly positive and it is highly recommended for use. People who are not satisfied can take advantage of the guarantee service to return the supplement.

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