Why are dentists not taking on new patients?

Pourquoi les dentistes ne prennent pas de nouveaux patients ?

A dentist is a health professional who specializes in the care of the mouth, teeth, gums and auxiliaries. His or her interventions allow for the relief and treatment of ailments suffered by these organs of the oral system. More and more people today are seeking out dentists for various needs. However, sometimes these specialists refuse to take on new patients. This phenomenon intrigues many people who want to know why. Find out in this article why dentists do not take on new patients.

What is the profession of dentistry?

As the name suggests, a dentist is a professional who deals with teeth. However, his interventions are not limited to teeth. He or she is a health specialist who has the knowledge and skills to treat any condition that occurs in the mouth. He can intervene on the teeth, gums and jaws. The dentist is also the resource that allows to take care of the smile. He is still known as a dental surgeon.

Through his interventions, the dentist can prevent and treat various oral disorders. They also provide their patients with sound advice on oral hygiene. Dentists can work in hospitals, clinics, health centers or open their own offices.

Why don’t dentists accept new patients?

There are a number of reasons why a dentist may not accept a new patient. If you are considering seeking the services of such a health care professional, you should be aware of them. However, you should keep in mind that they have every right to refuse.

What does the law say about dentists refusing to take new patients?

Dentists can indeed refuse to take on a new patient. This is true for both personal and professional reasons. However, in a dental emergency, the law requires them to accept new patients. Therefore, the dentist must make sure that his or her refusal does not lead to consequences that could jeopardize the patient’s health.

What are the different reasons behind a refusal?

Les dentistes n’acceptent pas de nouveaux patients

Common reasons for refusing to take on a new patient include:

  • Approaching retirement;
  • A very busy schedule;
  • Inability to provide the necessary care;
  • Prioritization of professional life.

Dental problems are generally caused by bad eating habits and the non-respect of hygiene rules. Dentists are therefore very often solicited by their patients who regularly come for the necessary care. They are therefore often overloaded with appointments, especially those that are made in advance over a long period of time. When the waiting list is too long, this health professional will have no choice but to refuse to take new patients for disability.

It also happens that the dentist is not able to perform the procedure requested by the patient. In this case, the patient will have to refuse to be treated. Budgetary constraints and insurance terms may result in this. Incapacity can also be caused by the health condition of the professional.

When retirement approaches, the dentist may refuse to take on certain new clients. He or she may then sell his or her patients to another dentist who is available and willing to take the new patient.

The desire to put one’s professional life first may also result in refusing to take on new patients. The dentist may decide not to work at night, impose his opening or closing hours or avoid time-consuming procedures.

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