Artimium 360 Biovancia review: how effective is it?

Artimium 360 Biovancia avis et composition

The body of a human being is made up of many joints that are involved in the majority of daily gestures. In fact, these joints allow any person to walk and perform all kinds of physical activities. However, with time, the joints are affected and their motor function is slowed down. In order to remedy this naturally, the Biovancia Institute has developed an ideal solution: Artimium 360. It is a nutritional supplement that helps to maintain the comfort and fluidity of the joints. What do you need to know about the product? What are the opinions of consumers and doctors?

Artimium 360: Product Overview

The dietary supplement Artimium 360 is a treatment solution primarily intended for the relief of joint disorders. The gestures carried out with the daily newspaper indeed require an intervention of the articulations, even for the smallest finger. It is therefore important that the joints move properly.

Repeated use of them puts them to the test and makes them fragile over time. As a result, it is possible to have recurring problems with certain joints. These problems are quite common in sports people or in those who engage in activities that require the repetitive performance of certain complex movements.

To best treat these health problems, it is recommended to use natural products like Artimium 360. It is a medical treatment that helps counteract the action of wear and tear and time on the joint constitution. It serves to nourish the joints and bones by providing them with the elements essential to their maintenance. The joints are thus strengthened and daily movements are more fluid.

Artimium 360 has been developed by the Biovancia Institute in accordance with current European standards for food supplements. Being harmless to the health of its taker, it can be ingested by any person wishing to effectively solve joint problems.

Why choose Artimium 360 to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis?

The market for joint disease correction solutions is booming with treatments known for their effective performance. Numerous advertisements are made to praise the benefits of these various products that would benefit the health of those affected. However, it is sometimes quite common to come across dubious treatments that have no effect on these ailments.

At the same time, painkillers are used first by some people to ease the pain associated with the disorders. These treatments reach their limits quite early on, since over time they cause some health problems. They also have a negative effect on the kidneys and liver, whose functions are altered.

To avoid these types of products, it is more desirable to use Artimium 360. It is a reliable solution to joint problems and is not dangerous for the health of consumers in the long term. In fact, it does not pose any risk to the proper functioning of the body. This formula of Biovancia helps to strengthen the cartilages for the balance of the articular movements.

What is the composition of this Biovancia formula?

Artimium 360 is a food supplement developed in France and marketed by Biovancia for the prevention and relief of joint pain. It is an all-natural product made from elements carefully selected for their ability to strengthen the joints of the human body. Among these ingredients, we mainly count :

  • Boswellia ;
  • UC-II patented collagen;
  • Vitamin D;
  • Vitamin C;
  • MSM (methylsulfonylmetane);
  • Hyaluronic acid.

Each of these elements plays a rather specific role in the effectiveness of the supplement.


Main component of the supplement, Boswellia is a natural anti-inflammatory plant used in traditional medicine in India for thousands of years. The resin it contains is used in Ayurvedic medicine to calm all types of inflammation and pain. Due to its high concentration, it helps to alleviate the effects of disorders such as rheumatism, osteoarthritis, knee pain, arthritis, etc.

The same applies to back pain, which is effectively soothed by this component of Artimium 360. It is a harmless analgesic for the health since it does not have the addictive properties common to analgesics and others.

Moreover, in order to demonstrate its productivity, four scientific studies were carried out between 2001 and 2010. A significant reduction in joint pain was observed in almost all the subjects of the analysis.

The patented UC-II collagen

This collagen that feeds the body’s bones has the advantage of being rich in trace elements, calcium and minerals. It nourishes the various connective tissues of the joints for their daily maintenance. In addition, it provides essential nutrients to strengthen tendons, cartilage and ligaments. As a result, they are well fortified against the various disturbances that can disturb their proper functioning.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays an important role in maintaining the normal structure of the body. The action of this element of Artimium 360 ensures the proper functioning of the joints. It promotes the absorption and use of phosphorus and calcium by the bones for lasting strength. Bone fragility after a certain age is corrected by this active ingredient.

Vitamin C

Collagen is essential for the optimal functioning of cartilage and bones. Vitamin C in turn plays an important role in the ideal maintenance of the collagen level in the body. This, in order to promote the proper functioning of the body’s joints.

MSM (methylsulfonylmetane)

Methylsulfonylmethane is a natural constituent found in the joints. With age, the level of this amino acid decreases. At the same time, the dietary intake is not sufficient to cover the lack. It is usually found in foods such as meat, seeds, seafood, algae, fruits and vegetables.

These various foods are not often the most consumed by the elderly. The ingestion of the dietary supplement Artimium 360 on the other hand effectively provides MSM to the body.

Hyaluronic acid

This ingredient in Biovancia’s Artimium 360 formula is essential for fluid movement. It is naturally found in the synovial fluid. The absence of hyaluronic acid is at the root of joint stiffness, which greatly complicates movement. Its presence in the supplement thus makes it possible to ensure a certain comfort and to facilitate the execution of the gestures of the daily newspaper.

Where and at what price can we get Artimium 360?

Où et à quel prix peut-on se procurer l’Artimium 360 ?

To obtain health products, it is of course normal to go to a pharmacy. However, Biovancia brand solutions are not available there. Therefore, you will not be able to buy Artimium 360 by going to a pharmacy or drugstore. It is also impossible to find it on online sales sites, in supermarkets and other retail outlets.

The Artimium 360 can only be purchased through its developer, specifically the Biovancia website. This is a commercial policy that aims to avoid intermediaries in the distribution network of the supplement in order to moderate its cost. This approach also prevents customers from purchasing counterfeit products.

Purchases are made by filling out an online form specifying the number of boxes desired and shipping information. The Artimium 360 costs 69 € per box, with a possible discount if you buy 3 boxes. With each purchase, you have the privilege of benefiting from the “Satisfied or Refunded” guarantee which is valid for one year. Therefore, if you are not satisfied, you can return the product and be refunded.

How to store this food supplement?

To optimize the effectiveness and extend the life of the supplement, it is essential to know how to store it properly. The most common advice in this regard is to avoid exposing it to mold, moisture and in areas exposed to sunlight. These are external factors that alter the quality of the elements that go into the design of Artimium 360.

Therefore, it is best to store the bottle in a clean, dry place at room temperature for proper storage. You must also make sure to keep it out of reach of children. For this purpose, it can be placed on a high shelf or in a locked place. This precaution is essential with this supplement which is absolutely not recommended for children.

What dosage should I follow for Artimium 360?

Quelle posologie suivre pour l’Artimium 360 ?

Artimium 360 from Biovancia Institute is intended for all people affected by joint disorders. It is a natural product that is mainly suitable for elderly people and people with bone problems. The recommended therapeutic dose is 2 capsules/day, one in the morning and one in the evening. They must be taken each time with a glass of water.

It is also recommended to combine it with a suitable diet and frequent physical exercise to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. The respect of these rules will allow its user to benefit fully from the multiple advantages of this food supplement. This, that you seek to reinforce the skeleton of the articulations or to fight against the pains caused by an excessive use of the latter.

As advantages, Artimium allows mainly to :

  • Maintain the structure of the joint;
  • Strengthen weakened joints;
  • Preserve joint flexibility;
  • Consolidate the connective tissues of the joints;
  • Relieve joint pain;
  • Maintain the elasticity of cartilage;
  • Maintain a normal body structure;
  • Strengthen tendons and ligaments for their proper functioning.

Artimium 360 can also be used as a preventive measure. In other words, this dietary supplement can be consumed to prevent joint diseases and thus allow the execution of daily movements.

What are the contraindications of the product?

Before taking this treatment solution, it should be noted that it is also essential to respect the contraindications indicated by the manufacturer. First of all, although it has no side effects on the body, Artimium 360 is not recommended for children under the age of 18. Taking the product is also not recommended for pregnant and nursing women.

People who are allergic to the active ingredients of the supplement should also refrain from taking it. The same applies to people who are undergoing certain treatments. If you have any doubts about taking this type of product, please seek advice from a health professional.

Moreover, the designer strictly prohibits the ingestion of Artimium 360 to people undergoing treatment for cancer, kidney disease or liver pathology. This prohibition is also valid for those who are overweight. For this type of case, taking this supplement will not be of any use since their body does not lack collagen and sulfur. It would be better to opt for Biovancia’s dietary supplements dedicated to weight loss.

What are the opinions of customers and health professionals?

The majority of people who have taken Artimium 360 are fully satisfied after use and leave more than positive reviews. They say that they felt a great relief after using the supplement for a few weeks. They also attest to the accuracy and reliability of the information on the product label.

Consumers of this Biovancia formula also claim to have experienced no side effects during and after the treatment. They are also completely satisfied with the subscription offers, the speed of delivery and the guarantee offered by the institute.

Like the users, the health professionals appreciate the nutritional supplement and highly recommend it. In particular, doctors specializing in skeletal reconstruction recommend it to speed up the recovery of their patients. Orthopedists prescribe it to strengthen muscle recovery.

The confidence of health experts depends above all on the effectiveness of Artimium 360, demonstrated through numerous clinical studies. The Biovancia Institute’s reputation is also a factor. It is a manufacturer of nutrition and health products approved by the European Food Safety Authority.

In short, it is important to remember that Artimium 360 is a product manufactured in the premises of the Biovancia Institute for the treatment of joint disorders. It is a food supplement composed of natural elements selected for their healing properties. The combination of these ingredients makes the product an ideal solution that many consumers and doctors appreciate and recommend to people suffering from these ailments in their reviews.

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