What is the opinion on Prostalim XR for prostate problems?

Prostalim XR avis, composition et efficacité

The prostate, which is an important reproductive organ in men, can suffer from various ailments. In the past, these problems could not be relieved as well as they are today, where health specialists and institutes are working together to find effective solutions. It is in this context that the food supplement Prostalim XR was developed by the Biovancia Institute. In fact, this dietary supplement whose active ingredients intervene on the various ailments related to the prostate has proven its effectiveness through its optimal action time. Discover more about Prostalim XR, its origins, its capacities, its constitution and finally our opinion on the subject.

What is Prostalim XR?

The prostate is a gland of the male reproductive system. This gland is the basis for the secretion of seminal fluid; therefore, a good functioning of the prostate is essential for reproduction. Nevertheless, in some cases, dysfunctions can occur. This is sometimes due to age or poor nutrition.

Several food supplements, including Oleovita Nutrazenith and Prostalim XR, intervene at this level. In fact, Prostalim XR, a product from the Biovancia laboratory and marketed by them, is a food supplement that acts mainly on the prostate. It allows to prevent effectively the evils related to the disturbance of the prostate, but also to ensure its good functioning.

This exceptional product has proven itself to many users and specialists in the medical field. In fact, clinical trials conducted on Prostalim XR, show that its active ingredients, including pygeum, Saw palmentto berries and pollen, help maintain cellular functions related to the prostate in good condition.

Prostalim XR, it is thus an active compound of 6 natural elements which act on several levels in order to :

  • Regulate the functioning of the prostate;
  • Prevent various prostate diseases;
  • Prevent prostatic insufficiency or its dysfunction;
  • Cure diseases related to prostate dysfunction.

In addition, other components act on various levels such as the secretion of proteins by blocking the secretion of proteins at risk such as cholesterol, but also by promoting the production of testosterone. The consumption of Prostalim XR is therefore a necessity for people who present quite serious symptoms.

What are the elements at the origin of the effectiveness of Prostalim XR?

In order to play its role well, Prostalim XR is made up of 6 very powerful, but natural elements. They are :

  • pygeum ;
  • saw palmento berries;
  • pollen ;
  • b-sitosterol ;
  • green tea;
  • zinc.

Zoom in on these different elements, their origin as well as their functions and roles in Prostalim XR.

The pygeum

Commonly called African plum tree, the pygeum is an African tree of the rosaceae family. It has been used for a very long time to treat urinary disorders. In addition, it is also used to treat prostate disorders that health professionals call Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

The fruits and barks of the plum tree have several therapeutic virtues that are sought and exploited in medicine. They do not present any danger to the body and allow to fight effectively against prostate cancer. In addition, the African plum tree helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Saw Palmetto berries

Saw Palmetto berry is an active ingredient in Prostalim XR which gives it the best benefits in treating prostate disorders. It is better known as Saw Palmetto Berry and contains 5-alpha-reductase. The latter is an enzyme that promotes the maintenance of the prostate.

Moreover, this component of Prostalim XR increases the rate of the glands by the transformation of testosterone into DHT which is a hormone with a strong androgenic activity. In addition, it serves to reduce inflammation, promote urinary health and improve libido.


Prostalim XR : qu’est-ce que c’est ?

Originating from the hive and widely used in phytotherapy, pollen is a product widely used for the treatment of several types of ailments. This ingredient is rich in :

  • Antioxidants ;
  • Amino acids ;
  • Vitamins;
  • Essential minerals.

Research conducted on its effectiveness for several years has demonstrated its involvement in the treatment of prostate disorders. It also helps to relieve inflammation related to prostate enlargement and to treat urine-related disorders.

Β Sitosterol

Β Sitosterol is a plant steroid found in many natural foods such as nuts and avocado. It plays a very important role in maintaining good prostate health. Indeed, it has the ability to reduce the size of male glands and is effective in fighting cancer.

This natural steroid plays an important role in the regulation of cholesterol levels in the blood. It has anti-inflammatory, immune modulating, antipyretic, antineoplastic properties. Better still, it is used to treat urine and bladder problems.

Green tea

Green tea is a natural ingredient that is well known for its multiple benefits to the body. It is beneficial for people with prostate problems. Indeed, it is composed of EGCG, Epigallocatechin gallate which is a molecule that contributes to the suppression of cancer cells.

In addition, green tea has beneficial properties on urinary function and reduces inflammation. It is also beneficial in managing prostate symptoms and maintaining good health. It is a widely available ingredient that is convenient for dieting and keeping fit.


Zinc is an essential mineral for prostate health. It plays an indispensable role in cell repair and development. It helps regulate hormone levels in the body and is also involved in the maintenance of sexual function.

Numerous studies have proven its involvement in the treatment of prostate hypertrophy. It reduces the risks of the prostate and contributes to the improvement of fertility. Thus, it is important to make sure you get enough zinc through your diet or supplements.

Why take Prostalim XR?

The consumption of Prostalim XR, according to various opinions, would be beneficial to people with prostate insufficiency. Indeed, Prostalim XR has proven through all the tests and clinical trials, as well as through its use in daily life, that it is indispensable in the treatment and prevention of any prostate ailment.

Indeed, Prostalim XR effectively treats several ailments such as :

  • Inflammation of the prostate ;
  • Adenoma of the prostate (Hypertrophy of the prostate)
  • Prostate cancer;
  • Enlargement of the prostate ;
  • Etc.

This food supplement from Biovancia is therefore recognized and widely used to fight against the various diseases mentioned above, but also to prevent prostate hypertrophy, prostate cancer and also any other problem or insufficiency of your prostate. Prostalim XR also regulates your urinary and other problems.

Although the consumption of Prostalim XR is recommended and especially effective, it is not recommended to consume it without follow-up at the risk of presenting undesirable symptoms or diseases. Indeed, any consumption of Prostalim XR is regulated and faces well defined indications.

Posology: How to take Prostalim XR?

Posologie : Comment prendre le Prostalim XR ?

Like many other Biovancia supplements, Prostalim XR is presented in the form of ingestible capsules contained in a box marked with the manufacturer’s logo. This box of Prostalim XR is composed of 60 capsules of this food supplement for an effective treatment of an optimal period of 30 days, that is to say 1 month.

It is recommended to consume 2 capsules of Prostalim XR per day. That indeed makes it possible to meet the requirements according to which a box of 60 capsules holds over 1 month. Moreover, these 2 capsules must be taken after a meal, in order to facilitate the digestion of the product and its action.

After consuming these two capsules per day for a certain period of time, the symptoms you feel should start to regress gradually. Moreover, even if you notice an improvement, you should not consider abandoning the treatment because the effects are cumulative.

Excessive use of Prostalim XR may be detrimental to your ongoing treatment and to your health. Indeed, the ingestion of Prostalim capsules must follow certain regulations. The amount of Prostalim XR that can be contained in the human body must not exceed two tablets per day. For more details, please consult your doctor.

Where and at what price can I find Prostalim XR?

Like all Biovancia components, Prostalim XR is sold exclusively on the company’s official website. In fact, Biovancia does not sell its product to supermarkets, parapharmacies or pharmacies.

Therefore, no vendor is authorized to sell Prostalim XR or any other Biovancia product such as the Memo-360. The only effective way to get it is to go to the Biovancia website, where you will find very attractive prices and purchase offers for discounts of up to 300 euros.

Although Prostalim is not sold in pharmacies, there are some cases where it can be purchased. In these cases where this product is presented in pharmacies, beware. In addition, several supermarkets have developed departments for the sale of food supplements. These supermarkets receive authorization from the manufacturers and sell their products in the market. However, Biovancia remains true to its policy. None of its products are therefore made available to these supermarkets or others. The same is true for Prostalim XR which is produced in the laboratory of this institute.

Therefore, avoid any consumption of Prostalim XR purchased in a supermarket and please order it from the official Biovancia website for more safety.

Opinions on Prostalim XR

The use of Prostalim XR has convinced many people of its effectiveness in the treatment of prostate related ailments, doctors and specialists included. User reviews are also collected here and presented below.

User reviews

Prostalim XR is a product that has enabled individuals to regain full function and enjoy their prostate. This dietary supplement contributes greatly to prostate recovery and has no side effects.

Taken at a frequent period and in an appropriate manner (according to the dosage), Prostalim XR grants relevant, reliable, but also quick results. It has also contributed to a better sex life for users.

Moreover, one of the points that make this dietary supplement so exceptional is its relatively affordable price as well as the offers that accompany its sale. In fact, Biovancia presents Prostalim XR sale offers that allow you to save up to 300 euros.

Medical opinion Prostalim XR

Les avis sur Prostalim XR

Regarding the opinion of health specialists on the effects of Prostalim XR to the human organism, it should be noted that following numerous clinical trials, this supplement is considered effective. Several extensive and rigorous tests have been conducted on behalf of Prostalim XR.

These tests have demonstrated the effectiveness of Prostalim XR and have made it known as one of the best products to protect the prostate. Although it is not sold in pharmacies, Prostalim XR is still prescribed by doctors to their patients, but also to any individual who would present pathologies of the prostate, except for children under 12 years old and the cases of contraindications indicated on the box of the supplement.

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