What is the price of a mutual insurance for people over 60?

Quel est le prix d’une mutuelle pour les plus de 60 ans ?

From a certain age, the use of a mutual insurance company is essential because of repeated health problems. In order to address these problems, insurance companies offer senior health insurance for the elderly. However, before subscribing, it is advisable to find out about the price and the criteria that must be met. In addition to that, you should know the advantages and the guarantees of this mutual insurance. Learn more about the cost of a senior’s health insurance plan in this article.

How much does the mutual insurance cost for those who are at least 60 years old?

The payment of a health insurance for those who are over 60 years old depends on the type of coverage level of your benefit. Thus, you have to pay monthly:

  • 30 euros approximately when the coverage option is basic;
  • about55 euros for a medium level of reimbursement;
  • 75 euros for full coverage.

However, the above costs vary considerably between insurance companies. It is therefore advisable to research all offers to select the best one.

As for the monthly contributions, the payment depends on your professional situation. For example, for older people who are still working, part of the contributions are paid by the company they work for. For retirees or self-employed people, the total amount of the contributions is paid by them.

What are the criteria for choosing this mutual insurance?

In order to select a senior mutual insurance, you should base your choice on certain criteria. In fact, you must inform yourself about the different offers and insurances of the structures. You should also consider the possibility of benefiting from other services. Apart from all this, the subscription of a mutual insurance company when you are at least 60 years old must be done taking into account :

  • The possibility that 75% of your expenses will be paid by the insurance in case of illness;
  • The possibility of having a remote consultation so that you do not have to travel unnecessarily;
  • The chance to benefit from a complete assistance;
  • The possibility of being reimbursed within a short period of time when you undergo treatment at your own expense.

Moreover, the mutual insurance company you have to subscribe to at this age must be in partnership with specialists so that you have inexpensive services.

Combien coûte la mutuelle pour ceux qui ont au moins 60 ans ?

Are there any special benefits associated with this type of offer?

The subscription of a mutual insurance for allows you to benefit from several advantages. In most cases, this insurance allows you to have a discount for physiotherapy, spa treatments or pedicures. In addition, you do not need to complete any medical formalities to obtain such a mutual insurance when you are 60 years old.

In addition, the offers proposed by the insurance companies concerning the senior mutual insurance have several scales of guarantees. It also allows you to benefit from respiratory aids and a resolution in case of allergy problems. It also covers care related to alternative medicine. It should be noted that any person affiliated with a senior mutual insurance company can reach the service every day, regardless of the time.

What about the guarantees of a senior mutual insurance for people in their sixties?

When a person in his sixties subscribes to a mutual insurance company, there are certain guarantees that he must benefit from. These are:

  • Urological for problems related to bladder cancer, erectile dysfunction or urinary tract infections;
  • Ophthalmic for improved visibility;
  • Auricular to improve hearing;
  • Dental to fight against dental caries for example;
  • Cardiological to solve all problems related to the heart.

In addition to these guarantees, we offer free hospitalization in case of illness. In addition, when you are hospitalized or immobilized, you are entitled to a housekeeper to help you in your daily tasks.

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