Mycosis in men: what are the causes?

Comment un homme peut attraper une mycose ?

Men, as well as women, can get a yeast infection. This is usually referred to as a glans mycosis. This infection is characterized by inflammation of the glans, which causes severe pain. Although it is less common in men than in women, thrush is an infection caused by the growth of a certain fungus. So how does a man get a yeast infection? What are the symptoms of this disease? How can it be treated? Find the answers in this article.

Acorn fungus: how can a man get it?

First of all, it is important to know that thrush is not a disease caused by a sexually transmitted infection. It is the result of a proliferation of Candida fungi. In most cases, it is Candida Albicans (the same fungus that causes vaginal mycosis) that causes it.

In scientific language, this is called candidiasis. It is a type of fungus that is naturally present on the glans, without being a pathogen. Nevertheless, its harmless nature changes due to certain situations:

  • Poor body hygiene: use of allergenic or irritating intimate toilet products, poor body maintenance… ;
  • Weakening of the immune system;
  • Presence of diabetes(high blood sugar level );
  • Taking certain antibiotics with side effects.

In addition, a man can get a yeast infection from too much sexual intercourse that can cause irritation of the glans.

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Mycosis of the glans: what are the symptoms of the disease?

There are certain signs that allow you to recognize the infection of the glans by a mycosis in a man. These are:

  • The appearance of certain skin tumors(keratosis pilaris) usually white in color, which look like small pecks;
  • Itching all over the glans;
  • Burning during sex due to irritation of the glans;
  • Inflammation of the skin causing redness;
  • Abnormal growth of the foreskin.

In addition, it is not only circumcised men who suffer the most from this infection. It also affects uncircumcised men.

How is fungus treated in men?

Antifungal treatment is the most effective and well-known way to treat fungus in men. However, specialists point out that this treatment is quite painful, as it is very irritating. It is therefore possible to opt for another less painful treatment such as the topical imidazole. Indeed, imidazoles are very active on a wide variety of fungi, which allows them to effectively treat mycosis in men.

To do this, simply apply the imidazole topical cream to the glans, as well as to the skin surrounding it. The treatment is effective after a maximum of one week. By using a cortisone lotion in addition, the fungus will disappear more quickly. It is also important to avoid the use of creams that promote maceration. These only increase the proliferation of fungi on the glans.

In addition, it is important to take certain measures to prevent and treat fungus of the glans. It is important to adopt good personal hygiene by washing regularly with soap and water. It is also important to avoid the use of intimate toiletries that are both allergenic and irritating. Finally, it is important to avoid underwear that encourages sweating. Fungi actually grow faster in a warm, moist environment.

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