How to soothe stomach pain quickly and naturally?

Comment calmer les douleurs d’estomac rapidement et naturellement ?

Feelings of discomfort, stomach pains prevent you from eating well or enjoying yourself as long as they are present. It is therefore necessary to get rid of them by using natural remedies without harmful effects on the body. Among these, there is chamomile matricaria, green clay and tropical basil. You can also use hot water bottle, activated charcoal or peppermint to fight against this ailment. More details on remedies for stomach pain in this article.

Chamomile matricaria

A chamomile matricaria, also known as German chamomile, has several virtues for daily well-being and health. It has digestive and antispasmodic properties and helps to solve problems related to :

  • Bloating of the stomach;
  • To gastritis;
  • To the irritations of the intestine;
  • To the abdominal cramps;
  • Colitis.

To calm stomach pains, chamomile is a remedy that must be used in the form of a tea. You must heat a liter of water, add four spoons of these flowers and let infuse for ten minutes. For intake, you need to consume one cup before eating and another after eating.

Green clay

Green clay is a powerful anti-inflammatory that serves to effectively eliminate toxin from the body. It has multiple uses, as it can be used externally on the stomach and internally. For external use, you need to put a poultice of this product on your belly. It is possible to get it in a paste form in a tube at the pharmacy. You can also find it in a crushed form that you will have to mix yourself with a little cold water to obtain the paste. For internal use, you can, with the agreement of a professional, dilute a little powder of this clay in water and drink the mixture after 24 hours. It is also effective when you are faced with a problem of intestinal obstruction and other disorders of the digestive tract.

Tropical basil

A plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family, tropical basil comes from Asia and has green leaves in an oval shape. To take advantage of the benefits of this basil, professionals have developed its essential oil. This oil fights against infections and is used to calm gastric and intestinal pains. To use this essential oil, you must mix 4 drops with 8 drops of apricot kernel or sweet almond vegetable oil. Once the mixture is made, you must use it to massage your belly by making a circle which turns in the same direction as the needle of the watch.

Hot water bottle

When you have heartburn or stomach cramps, heat can help relieve the pain from the outside. Warmth helps your muscles relax and naturally loosens knots in your stomach. For its application, you must put the hot water bottle on your stomach and leave it for a few minutes. It facilitates the lubrication of the stools and the emulsion of the fat thanks to an important production of bile. You will have an easy digestion and the pain of the stomach will disappear.

Activated charcoal

Obtained from the calcination of wood, activated charcoal is a very effective product against infections. It also helps to fight against the accumulation of gas and bloating. To use this product, it is advised to mix a small spoon of this coal in water (a glass will be enough). You must drink this mixture once a day, and this, for 5 days. Moreover, the use of activated charcoal should not be done over a long period of time. Therefore, you should consult a doctor if the stomach pain persists.

Peppermint or coriander

Peppermint or coriander, each used as an essential oil, has many virtues. They facilitate the digestion of food consumed, reduce intestinal cramps and can fight against colitis and bloating. To use one of these oils, simply put a drop of the chosen one on honey, for example, and drink the mixture morning, noon and night for seven days. It is also possible to massage your abdomen with vegetable oil mixed with a few drops of one of these essential oils.

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