How to remove an earplug quickly?

Comment enlever un bouchon d'oreille rapidement ?

Earwax is the accumulation of a yellow substance called cerumen in an ear canal. Although it is harmless, this excess is annoying and prevents good perception of sounds. Therefore, it is advisable to get rid of it by using a warm cloth, certain oils or saline solutions. When these techniques do not work, you should avoid inserting cotton swabs into the ear and go to the hospital. Find out more about ear plug removal in this article.

Use a warm cloth

To give your ear the care it needs to get rid of an ear plug, the use of a hot cloth is recommended. The hot cloth technique for getting rid of ear plugs is very effective and can be done in two ways. The first is to fold your cloth and use an iron to heat it up. Then, when the cloth is hot, you should lie down and put your ear on it.

For the second way, you need to heat some water and dip the cloth in it so that it becomes hot. Then you wring it out so that it is less wet. After that, you have to lie down and put the cloth under the part where there is excess earwax. After using either method, you should use warm water to rinse the ear.

Opt for oils

Using oils is a very practical solution for removing this substance from your ear. You can choose from mineral oil, almond oil, olive oil or any other fragrance-free oil. Once you have chosen your oil, you must :

  • Warm it up while keeping the bottle in hand;
  • Lie on your side where your ear is not blocked;
  • Put three drops of your oil in the blocked ear and get up after about ten minutes;
  • Plug your ear with a cotton ball so that the oil does not come out.

In addition, those who use hearing aids should take them out before applying the oil and put them back in after about 5 hours.

Faire usage de chiffon chaud

Use saline solutions

As the name suggests, saline is a salty liquid that is highly regarded for its benefits. Known as saline, it can be purchased in pharmacies without a prescription. However, it is advisable to specify the use to the pharmacist so that he/she can suggest the appropriate solution for your situation.

To apply the product, you can use a syringe and put two drops in the affected ear. It is also possible to make your own saline solution at home. Simply heat a cup of water and add two spoons of sea salt. You then use a compress to rub the liquid into your ear, even if you have a cyst behind your ear. This can be treated just as easily.

Avoid using cotton swabs

When you have ear plugs, you should not make the mistake of using a cotton swab. In reality, this object is only useful for cleaning the tip of the ear. When you put it inside, it can push the wax in and make it much more difficult to remove.

By inserting the cotton swab into the ear each time, you increase the risk of perforating your eardrum. This will make it harder for you to hear over time.

Go to the hospital

Without a doubt, the best option for getting rid of earplugs is to go to the hospital. This is because natural solutions, while effective, are not safe for your health. When you don’t use the recommended techniques properly, you can create additional problems for yourself.

Using heated oil, for example, can damage your ear when you exceed the proper temperature. The same is true for rinsing water after using a hot cloth when it is very hot. Apart from these cases, going to the hospital will allow you to have the services of a professional when you do not succeed in getting rid of these plugs by yourself.

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