What are the effects of CBD flower on athletes?

Fleur de CBD, ses effets sur les sportifs

The CBD market has clearly revitalized itself by developing CBD or cannabidiol based products for athletes and sportsmen. Among them, we find the CBD flower. It is very effective in relieving pain, reducing inflammation and accelerating muscle growth. Through this article, you will discover all the effects of CBD flower on athletes.

What is the CBD flower?

Still called hemp flower, the CBD flower is obtained from the variety of cannabis called Cannabis Sativa L. Unlike a classic Cannabis flower, this flower contains only a very low level of THC and can therefore in no way cause psychotropic effects. The flowers of CBD are recommended for all the people who evolve in the sporting environment.

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What are the benefits of CBD flower on athletes?

The therapeutic benefits of CBD flower are no longer to prove. Everyone can benefit, including athletes. Here are some effects of CBD flower or cannabidiol flower on athletes:

  • Improves immune defenses;
  • Improves the quality of sleep;
  • Accelerates muscle recovery after sports sessions;
  • Reduces joint and muscle pain;
  • Reduces tissue inflammation;
  • Increases muscle growth.

Whatever the sport in which you evolve, the consumption of the flowers of CBD will enable you toimprove your sporting performances. You will recover more quickly from your intense sports sessions as well as from injuries or aches. Moreover, CBD flowers are not drugs, they do not affect your health.

How to use the CBD flower when you are a sportsman?

There are several ways to consume CBD flowers when you are athletic. Among the most common ways of consumption, we find the infusion, the vapotage or the kitchen.

The infusion of CBD flowers

To take advantage of all the effects of CBD flowers, you can make an infusion of CBD flowers. To prepare it, you just have to boil water and then soak the dried flowers in boiling water for 15 minutes. This infusion is recommended after an intense training. It will allow you to make up for all the water losses suffered during the sports session. It is also possible to infuse CBD flowers in a CBD oil. The oil will gorge itself with cannabinoids. After a workout, massage your entire body with this oil to reduce muscle inflammation and speed muscle recovery.

Vaporizing CBD flowers

Use a dried herb vaporizer to heat CBD flower to between 160 and 220°C. Vaporizing CBD flowers fights against the accumulation of physical fatigue during a sports training. You can also do it before sleeping to enjoy the relaxing effects of CBD flowers or cannabidiol.

Cooking CBD flower

Being also very important in sports nutrition, the CBD flower can very well be found in your kitchen. It can be used as an ingredient for different recipes such as salad or pasta. There are even cakes made with CBD flowers.

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